20-22.10International Salon of Contemporary Art Carrouselle du Louvre. Paris.
декабрь 2016 - май 2017Фестнаив 2016
20-23 OctoberOutsider Art Fair Paris 2016
17 июня - 17 июля 2016
c 7 июня 2016 г.Russian Outsider Art in Paris
7-19 June 2016
5 февраля - 12 февраля
с 18 апреляPersonal exgibition in Museum of naive art
до 16 декабря
с 6-го декабря
до 7 января
4/10 - 11/10 2013Vernissage of the project Tattoo.Kompot
4 октября 2013
12 апреля 2013solo show
21 декабря 2012 - 20 января 2013


1st Jerusalem  International Naive Art Festival

​​Opening 21 Dec 2012 11:00  - 20 Jan 2013



14 сентября 2012Personal exhibition

My dear young naturalists!It is my honor to invite you for a small, intimate opening day of my exhibition "Animals were standing near the door" ...Inspection images befitting the occasion taking restorative beverage usual buffet, penalty and dance will be held on September 14, Friday, from 19.00 to a small (not hold your lip) JJ Davies Gallery at Lyalin per., 24 \ 26 

2nd Audience Award in Katowize

At the 5th World Festival of Art naive in Katowice (Poland), my work has received 2nd Audience Award. 

с 16 июня по 19 августа 2012Naive Art Festival in Katowice

Тen of my works represent Russia at the international festival of naive art in Katowice(Poland) 

17.04 - 28.04.2012Dollart 2012

Until April 28 at the Center for Contemporary Art, "Mars" (Pushkarev Pereulok., 5) working Dollart anniversary exhibition in 2012. Masterpieces of the best puppet masters of the country and a little bit of my boards. Come, there's great (I myself saw yesterday)! 

23.03 - 30.03

Only one week from March 23 to March 30!! Hurry up not to miss!!

Spring the Actress, Taganka St.'s Aviator Club, "El Capitan`s art-tatau parlour" ant Ink It Up portal are honored to present to our wild tattooed community as well as to imposing respectable black tie audience Moscow Art-benefit performance of great trio - Dmitry "El Capitan" Buкhrov, Dmitry Vavilov and Ricardo Cavolo - "Без Страховки\No Backup" Project !

A la carte:

Fine paintings and pictures from heroes of the occasion 
Fresh will paralyzing drinks from organizers
Stunning beauties variously tattooed on most unpredictable body parts from Matreshka-Girls (Don't touch! Don't stare!)
Pure joy of human communication, no fighting!
Breathtaking musical backup from our dear friends, legengary "Facty" group 
And other delights from our host Aviator Club 

General Sponsor of the exhibition in Moscow - Geotechnology Company, Moscow, Russia, 5-th Monetchikovsky lane, 5 

Berlin lose. No Backup win!

At an International photo contest, held in the framework of ART-WEEK in Berlin, five photos of our Project "No Backup" won first prize in "Portrait". We're great. Now know about the Germans. And not only Germans ... 

9 декабря - 26 декабряChristmas Exhibition at the Central House of Artists

As a result of the Russian Art Week, the first prize in "Portrait" won the photo work "Old sailors never die" Dmitry Vavilov. This work was carried out as part of our project "No Backup" (nobackup.ru). Congratulations to the winner!

до 30 ноября 2011 г.

Friends living in France. Indulge in a courtesy visit my exhibition from October 1 to November 30, 2011
Jourdan Patricia Galerie d'Art
65 r Connétable
Tél. : 03 60 02 41 53
TER Chantilly-Gouvieux

gallery is open
every day except Sunday

15 мая - 29 мая 2011Art-naive project No Backup
The art naive Project "No backup" is take place in the year of 100th anniversary of the world Legend, well known Master of old school tattoo Norman Keit Collins (aka Sailor Jerry). This project presents three components united by general conceptual motto, taken out in the name:
- Paintings by tattooer and known artist Dmitry El Capitan Bukhrov,
- Thematic materials by popular Moscow photographer Dmitry Vavilov,
- Drawings by Spanish star illustrator Ricardo Cavolo.
The basic idea of the project is an attempt to present to the unsophisticated spectator a piece of the world of people, by their professional choice or just their free will, living on the edge, at risk - with "no backup". Seamen, pilots-kamikazes, chapiteau artists– the central characters of the Project – are something of outcasts, both for their inner state and chosen way of life (or way of death).
Authors, participants of the project, in a manner, that is common for traditional tatooing (old school tattoo – the most authentic in the given environment), are trying to connect internal feeling of a character's liberty with external difference from the world of inhabitants - through a tattoo, so much characteristic for marginal persons.Very different people took patr as project models – professional models, known actors and sportsmen, and also the most usual people, "nextdoor guys", whose special sign is the tattoo.